Application Development

The fast paced technological change of the last decade, coupled with the need to achieve competitive advantage in a dynamic industry, had a definitive impact on the IT landscape of most organizations.  The technology environments evolved into complex structures with specific operating models, technology stacks, standards and procedures at different levels of maturity of application development process.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, information technology must keep pace with a shifting business model while reducing operational cost and risk.

How RG Advisory Can Help

RG offers a complete spectrum of software development services, customized to seamlessly integrate within our client specific software development lifecycle.  We build complex systems with scalable and extensible architectures that enable companies to optimize the development cycle, lower delivery risk, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Our experienced technologists immerse themselves into the specifics of your IT environment and create blueprints that provide coherent views across all architecture domains.  They create an accurate architectural description to highlight how the solution evolves the baseline architecture towards the target architecture, with an emphasis on risk mitigation.

RG consultants not only have the latest technical skills but also have a strong working knowledge of business processes and functions and are able to converse in your business language.